Luxembourg is renowned for its top of the range data infrastructure, notably in terms of connectivity, data storage capacities and cybersecurity expertise. One of the best indicators of its trustworthiness is the fact that Monaco has followed in the footsteps of Estonia and opened a data embassy here.

The decision to open the data embassy was sealed in July 2021, when Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Monegasque Minister of State Pierre Dartout signed an agreement regarding the hosting of Monegasque data and information systems in Luxembourg. The agreement was based on a declaration of intent dating from 2018.

Data embassy for safeguarding

Saving sensitive data in a Luxembourg data centre provides guarantees of immunity and privileges similar to those of a physical embassy. This is a good solution for Monaco that needs to preserve certain data against the risks of cyberattacks and natural disasters, with a level of security that is impossible to achieve in a country covering only 2 km2. The e-embassy was designed and built in Luxembourg, but is based on Monegasque security standards in order to guarantee the country the sovereignty of its national data.

This partnership on digital innovation strengthens Luxembourg’s role as a digital trust centre.

“This agreement is a first step towards a strengthened partnership in the digital field between the Principality of Monaco and Luxembourg. I am delighted with this arrangement proposed by our Luxembourg partner, which provides the Principality with a backup solution for this data, preventing any major risk,” underlined Monegasque Minister of State Pierre Dartout.

“This partnership on digital innovation strengthens Luxembourg’s role as a digital trust centre and confirms the progress of electronic administration in Luxembourg,” said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

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